What is Azure Virtual WAN?

Microsoft introduced a new service Azure Virtual WAN (wide-area network) which will significantly increase the security of Microsoft cloud services.

Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that provides optimized and automated branch-to-branch connectivity through Azure. Virtual WAN lets you connect and configure branch devices to communicate with Azure. Which can be done either manually or by using preferred provider devices through a Virtual WAN partner. Using preferred provider devices allows you ease of use, simplification of connectivity, and configuration management. The Azure Virtual WAN built-in dashboard provides instant troubleshooting insights that can help save you time and gives you an easy way to view large-scale Site-to-Site connectivity. Continue reading What is Azure Virtual WAN?

Dual Authentication Prevents Phishing

In today’s world, one of the easiest ways of being hacked is by phishing. Phishing refers to the method of using misleading emails and websites to gather personal and confidential information about another person or organization. Phishing is a highly sophisticated cyber-attack that is becoming increasingly popular among hackers and affecting anyone who mistakes a deceptive email for a legitimate one. Continue reading Dual Authentication Prevents Phishing

Compliant Kubernetes

Kubernetes has changed the way we manage containerized workloads and services. Being an open-source platform, Kubernetes makes it easier and more efficient to coordinate different applications as well as update, scale, and deploy them.

While using Kubernetes may seem like a no-brainer for anyone wanting to deploy applications, in the past, for many working in the healthcare or finance industry, this open-source platform was not ideal. Kubernetes failed to fulfill the compliance and security restrictions set by HITRUST, PCI DSS and NIST cybersecurity frameworks that many healthcare companies and financial institutions were required to meet, to ensure their customer data were secured and not attainable. Continue reading Compliant Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes and why would you use it?

Containerization application is an OS-level virtualization method used to deploy and run distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine (VM) for each app. Kubernetes is open-source software designed to run and coordinate containerized applications across multiple devices. Created and developed by Google engineers, Kubernetes is the software behind Google’s cloud services. Continue reading What is Kubernetes and why would you use it?

How to protect yourself from VPNFilter Botnet Malware

Recently, a VPNFilter botnet which was built by Russian cyberspies infected over 500,000 routers and was finally taken down a few weeks ago by the FBI. VPNFilter malware is a complex piece of malware that infects older personal and commercial routers. They are capable of eavesdropping on traffic passing through routers especially tracking login information and other confidential credentials. Continue reading How to protect yourself from VPNFilter Botnet Malware

Lumen21 HITRUST Certified Clinic on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

As healthcare evolved over the years, especially with the HIPAA/HITECH regulations of 1996, and because of the subjective nature of HIPAA, covered entities face difficult challenges in assessing compliance and security for external vendors as well as internal controls. This leads to having to reinvent the wheel every time a department or vendor handles PHI information.

Founded in 2007, HITRUST Alliance, a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to champion the safeguard of sensitive information and manage information risk for organizations, created an ISO 27001 based framework which is prescriptive to define HIPAA/HITECH guidelines called HITRUST CSF. CSF is a certifiable framework that brings together several other compliance frameworks and standards, including HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and NIST. HITRUST CSF Domains and Controls cover 19 different domains with about 1200 separate controls based on your scope of covered information. Continue reading Lumen21 HITRUST Certified Clinic on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Skype for Business HIPAA Compliance

Skype for Business, a unified communications (UC) platform that integrates common channels of business communication and online meetings, including instant messaging (IM), presence, voice over IP (VoIP), voicemail, file transfers, video conferencing, web conferencing and email, has finally become HIPAA compliant. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which helps to set the standard for the protection of patient’s data. HIPAA/HITECH applies to companies, businesses, and organizations who provide service functions using individually identifiable health information. Continue reading Skype for Business HIPAA Compliance

Cambridge Analytica harvested private data from the Facebook users’ profiles — How you can protect your data on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites. Based in California, it was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates. Since its creation, as of 4thquarter 2017, the popular social media site has grown to have2.2 billion monthly active users. Continue reading Cambridge Analytica harvested private data from the Facebook users’ profiles — How you can protect your data on Facebook

DevOps (Dev + Ops) – The buzz that never ENDS!

There’s a massive culture shift occurring in enterprise IT operations and software development departments. But many businesses still operate in traditional methods, discouraging innovation and making it challenging to meet end-user expectations. To stay competitive, enterprises need to meet end users’ expectations, rapidly respond to consumer demands and organizations must ensure that their software, services, and applications integrate efficiently in the cloud. Continue reading DevOps (Dev + Ops) – The buzz that never ENDS!

Defend Against Security Threats by Keeping an Eye on just 2 Things

For many companies one of the top priorities in today’s world is security. Many different aspects define the overall security of a company’s infrastructure, two of which are Patching and Security Training Programs. Let us see how following just these two things, will strengthen your system security. Continue reading Defend Against Security Threats by Keeping an Eye on just 2 Things