Secure Document Phishing Attacks

A fresh wave of spear phishing has hit the markets with a newly themed scam called “Secure Doc”.

Spear phishing is considered to be the most specific type of phishing attack, as it’s directly targeted at an individual or an organization. This form of phishing has become one of the most prevalent phishing techniques and has seen an exponential rise with the highest success rates. Continue reading Secure Document Phishing Attacks

New guidance for preventing healthcare cyberattacks

The Federal regulators from HIPAA have issued new guidelines for the healthcare organizations to augment their defenses for cyber security. The Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) outlined steps to avoid falling victim to the rising threats. The guidance was issued to prevent the spread of malware, following several attacks that affected the health care industry, so much as to temporarily shut a 10-Hospital system network. Continue reading New guidance for preventing healthcare cyberattacks