Antivirus Detection Rates Have Declined

Antivirus is no longer the only ammo for IT. As technology evolves, so does the threat landscape. With the new year, a new threat landscape has emerged that puts your employees as the “first line of defense”: the human firewall.

As part of Lumen21, Inc., which started in 2007, we have since been focused on emerging threats and helping our customers educate their employees on the ongoing security challenges that face us on a regular basis. It is our responsibility to help our clients be aware of these emerging threats, to help protect themselves and their employees from critical business impacts. Virus Bulletin (VB) is a security information portal, testing and certification body with a formidable reputation for providing users with independent intelligence about the latest developments in the global threat landscape. Continue reading Antivirus Detection Rates Have Declined

Lumen21 at HIMSS17

The HIMSS conference provides a great opportunity, in one place, to get a good view of the medical industry and learn about how IT is serving that industry. Few industries have the transformation opportunity that Healthcare has in how medical practice gets delivered and the overall patient experience. Microsoft Corporation is taking a very active role in this digital transformation that the Healthcare industry is dealing with, be it the computing platform that leverages the cloud, software products that allow for visibility and analysis of medical information, and assisting the surrounding eco system of software companies that provide medical applications, to help deliver medical treatment and the overall patient engagement process. Continue reading Lumen21 at HIMSS17

A talk about HITRUST Common Security Framework

The HITRUST Common Security Framework was developed to provide a single overarching common security framework to meet healthcare relevant regulations and standards.  The framework is both risk and compliance based, and security controls are customized based on a range of factors including organization type, amount of data, and regulatory requirements and standards.  Continue reading A talk about HITRUST Common Security Framework

Microsoft Edge – Tested to be the safest browser

By Robin Dalvi, Security Analyst

Everyone in the industry uses different browsers to browse the data over the internet. But has anyone verified which browser is safer and faster? NSS Labs, Inc. recently conducted two tests where they discovered Microsoft Edge blocked the most number of attacks overall and blocked malicious URLs the fastest.

Continue reading Microsoft Edge – Tested to be the safest browser

Digital transformation forces businesses to rethink cybersecurity

Seeking to maintain competitive advantage, gain market share and satisfy evolving customer demands, businesses around the globe are pursuing digital transformation. And that digital transformation is forcing reevaluation of cybersecurity strategies, according to a new study by BMC and Forbes Insights. Continue reading Digital transformation forces businesses to rethink cybersecurity

What do Healthcare Organizations and IT Managed Services companies share in common?

The Healthcare Industry Is As Similar As The Technology Industry In That Both Industries Have Specialization. You have the general practitioner family doctor and you also have a specialist like a neurologist. Like-wise in technology, you’re either a technology support vendor or a healthcare technology support vendor. Continue reading What do Healthcare Organizations and IT Managed Services companies share in common?

Lumen21’s HIPAA eBook

Available on, provides a list of requirements and steps to implement and manage your organization’s HIPAA/HITECH compliant cloud environment.

“Lumen21 Azure Compliant Cloud Computing eBook will not only help you comply with HIPAA/HITECH, but also build a better, more secure environment to mitigate your risk and help you prove compliance with HIPAA by following the HITRUST CSF framework. We did the hard work so you don’t have to. And you can inherit a lot of the work that we’ve done in terms of audits. This document lists the requirements and the steps needed to implement and manage your HIPAA/HITECH compliant cloud environment.

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Even The Most Protected Organizations Will Get Hacked

“No matter how well an organization defended itself, there were always vulnerabilities a hacker could exploit.”

Professionals whom specialize in security are starting to realize even the most secure and protected organizations may get hacked.  In other words, breaches are inevitable, in fact, hackers may have already infiltrated your organization.  Lior Div, CEO of Cybereason had tracked a few hackers, in which they all had a 100% success rate when it came to network penetration.  No matter how protected you think you are, there are always vulnerabilities that a hacker could abuse. Continue reading Even The Most Protected Organizations Will Get Hacked