Moving to Teams, Why?

This blog is part of a series that responds to common confusion we see in the industry between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Which option to choose and why? In this series you’ll find context, answers, and guidance for deployment and driving adoption within your organization. Here is the first installment of a 6 part series on deploying Microsoft Teams. Continue reading Moving to Teams, Why?

What is Azure Information Protection?

Azure Information Protection is a cloud-based solution that helps your business classify, label, and protect its documents and emails. This can be set automatically by the administrators based on defined rules and conditions, or manually by users, or a combination with recommended suggestions. Continue reading What is Azure Information Protection?

Starting a conversation in Skype for Business

By Tustin Pawar

How to start a conversation in Skype for Business

Skype for Business offers great flexibility for communicating with your office colleagues. A conversation with a colleague could start as an instant message that turns into a phone call, or a video call, or a web conference where you can easily share your desktop screens. You can also start a conversation between just two people, which can then turn into a full meeting with the whole team. Continue reading Starting a conversation in Skype for Business

What is Skype for Business?

By Tustin Pawar

What is Skype for Business?
Skype for Business, previously called Lync, is an easy-to-use interface that allows users to communicate through text chat (instant messaging), voice calls, video calls and online meetings. You can use Skype for Business from nearly any Windows PC or mobile device (Lync/Skype for Business on Macs or mobile devices), anywhere in the world you have Internet access. Continue reading What is Skype for Business?

Lumen21 at HIMSS17

The HIMSS conference provides a great opportunity, in one place, to get a good view of the medical industry and learn about how IT is serving that industry. Few industries have the transformation opportunity that Healthcare has in how medical practice gets delivered and the overall patient experience. Microsoft Corporation is taking a very active role in this digital transformation that the Healthcare industry is dealing with, be it the computing platform that leverages the cloud, software products that allow for visibility and analysis of medical information, and assisting the surrounding eco system of software companies that provide medical applications, to help deliver medical treatment and the overall patient engagement process. Continue reading Lumen21 at HIMSS17

Tech Support Scams: A deceptive way to con people

With the rising number of scams in the digital world, the number of Tech Support Scam complaints reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), just between January 1, 2016 and April 30, 2016 reached 3,668.

A Tech Support Scam is when an attacker calls pretending to be a technical support person associated with a legitimate-sounding, but phony, third-party provider. These folks, called scammers, will try and convince you to give them remote access to your device using their social engineering skills.  If the device is a phone or a tablet, the scammer will ask you to connect it to a desktop or a laptop. Once the scammer has remote control of your device, the scammer will claim to have found multiple viruses or scareware on the device and will tell you that it needs to be fixed immediately. The scammer will try and convince you to pay a fee with a personal check, debit/credit card or wire transfer the payment. Continue reading Tech Support Scams: A deceptive way to con people