Moving to Teams, Why?

This blog is part of a series that responds to common confusion we see in the industry between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Which option to choose and why? In this series you’ll find context, answers, and guidance for deployment and driving adoption within your organization. Here is the first installment of a 6 part series on deploying Microsoft Teams. Continue reading Moving to Teams, Why?

Tips to help you adjust to working the night shift

The idea of working nights is not a new one. It goes far back in history, as far back as the gatekeepers of ancient kingdoms that guarded the grounds at night. Their job was protecting their master from any threat. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that the concept of night shift changed. The invention of the light bulb allowed workers to work longer by illuminating the dark. Manufacturers in metal and textile mills jumped at the chance for increased production and higher profits. They introduced the concept of shift work. This meant they could split crews into groups and work around the clock. This allowed the production of more goods without the added pay of extra crew. Continue reading Tips to help you adjust to working the night shift

Two Heads Are Better Than One

We have all heard this adage of encouraging teamwork, but what does “working together” really do for you?

Although difficult to nurture, since humans are essentially self-centered, which tends to create friction naturally, it can be overcome using the organization goals as an objective to be shared across through clear communication and by setting up SMART Goals aligning the team to work together, and finally establishing a healthy working environment. Continue reading Two Heads Are Better Than One

What is Succession Planning?

SUCCESSION PLANNING is a process in which a person creates a plan to transfer business disperse assets from one resource to another resource with same skill sets. When examined on a business fundamental level, it is easy to understand the importance of why a person would want to create a succession plan for company business, but there are some other benefits that sometimes go overlooked when deciding whether to include one in their wealth management plan. Succession Planning is a business process which is critical and should be implemented throughout the organization. Continue reading What is Succession Planning?