State of Enterprise Cloud Computing 2018

Cloud computing occupies a unique spot in IT history. In its early beginnings, it was the latest in a series of new models for IT operations. Existing systems were migrated to cloud providers and companies found benefits in its cost and flexibility, while working through issues around security and integration. Today, the cloud offers a path for business transformation. Cloud computing trends among technology decision-makers include usage and plans across various cloud services and deployment models, investments, businesses, drivers, and impact on business strategies and plans. Continue reading State of Enterprise Cloud Computing 2018

What is Azure Virtual WAN?

Microsoft introduced a new service Azure Virtual WAN (wide-area network) which will significantly increase the security of Microsoft cloud services.

Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that provides optimized and automated branch-to-branch connectivity through Azure. Virtual WAN lets you connect and configure branch devices to communicate with Azure. Which can be done either manually or by using preferred provider devices through a Virtual WAN partner. Using preferred provider devices allows you ease of use, simplification of connectivity, and configuration management. The Azure Virtual WAN built-in dashboard provides instant troubleshooting insights that can help save you time and gives you an easy way to view large-scale Site-to-Site connectivity. Continue reading What is Azure Virtual WAN?

Lumen21 HITRUST Certified Clinic on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

As healthcare evolved over the years, especially with the HIPAA/HITECH regulations of 1996, and because of the subjective nature of HIPAA, covered entities face difficult challenges in assessing compliance and security for external vendors as well as internal controls. This leads to having to reinvent the wheel every time a department or vendor handles PHI information.

Founded in 2007, HITRUST Alliance, a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to champion the safeguard of sensitive information and manage information risk for organizations, created an ISO 27001 based framework which is prescriptive to define HIPAA/HITECH guidelines called HITRUST CSF. CSF is a certifiable framework that brings together several other compliance frameworks and standards, including HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and NIST. HITRUST CSF Domains and Controls cover 19 different domains with about 1200 separate controls based on your scope of covered information. Continue reading Lumen21 HITRUST Certified Clinic on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Azure SQL Databases: Disaster Recovery 101

Information security is the most essential and primary thing to consider in this highly informative era. The individuals, who have a lot of confidential data, and the companies, no matter how big or small it is, should know well that backup is a necessity rather than a luxury. Therefore, backup and disaster recovery are of great importance. Continue reading Azure SQL Databases: Disaster Recovery 101

The Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud migration is the process of moving applications, data, or other business elements from an organization’s onsite computers to the cloud, or moving them from one cloud environment to another.

Cloud computing has come a long way over the years. Moving to the cloud is serious business. Only a few enterprises have managed to master the art of cloud migration. There are several common drawbacks companies make when it comes to cloud migration. Perhaps the most common and the expensive is failing to plan for compliance before beginning a cloud migration. Continue reading The Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Migrating to the Cloud

What is Azure SQL Database service?

Microsoft SQL Database is a high-performance, reliable, and secure database environment you can use to build data-driven applications and websites in the programming language of your choice, without needing to manage infrastructure.

Azure SQL is a fully managed, relational Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) in the Microsoft cloud (Azure). A Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, SQL Database delivers predictable performance, scalability with no downtime, business continuity, and data protection. Continue reading What is Azure SQL Database service?

What is Azure Information Protection?

Azure Information Protection is a cloud-based solution that helps your business classify, label, and protect its documents and emails. This can be set automatically by the administrators based on defined rules and conditions, or manually by users, or a combination with recommended suggestions. Continue reading What is Azure Information Protection?

Differences Between Compliance and Security

Webinar: Integrating Security & Compliance: You Can Have Both
on Sep 15, 2016 10:00 AM PST at:

The words “security” and “compliance” are often seen in the same sentence in most published cyber-security-based articles.

But please, resist the temptation of thinking that security and compliance are the same. Continue reading Differences Between Compliance and Security