Lumen21 Compliant Cloud Container

Lumen21 as a Managed Services Provider offers a compliant cloud environment solution that can be purchased via the marketplace. Thus, enabling the customer a solution where they would not have to worry about the complexity of managing these environments using in PaaS and SaaS Applications. Regarding the custom applications, the customer will still have access into the PaaS and SaaS environments. Other than customer application updates and maintaining the solution, the customer will not need to worry about the compliance and regulatory requirements of the environment, as those will be covered by Lumen21. Continue reading Lumen21 Compliant Cloud Container

Tech Support Scams: A deceptive way to con people

With the rising number of scams in the digital world, the number of Tech Support Scam complaints reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), just between January 1, 2016 and April 30, 2016 reached 3,668.

A Tech Support Scam is when an attacker calls pretending to be a technical support person associated with a legitimate-sounding, but phony, third-party provider. These folks, called scammers, will try and convince you to give them remote access to your device using their social engineering skills.  If the device is a phone or a tablet, the scammer will ask you to connect it to a desktop or a laptop. Once the scammer has remote control of your device, the scammer will claim to have found multiple viruses or scareware on the device and will tell you that it needs to be fixed immediately. The scammer will try and convince you to pay a fee with a personal check, debit/credit card or wire transfer the payment. Continue reading Tech Support Scams: A deceptive way to con people

Secure Document Phishing Attacks

A fresh wave of spear phishing has hit the markets with a newly themed scam called “Secure Doc”.

Spear phishing is considered to be the most specific type of phishing attack, as it’s directly targeted at an individual or an organization. This form of phishing has become one of the most prevalent phishing techniques and has seen an exponential rise with the highest success rates. Continue reading Secure Document Phishing Attacks