What is Azure Virtual WAN?

Microsoft introduced a new service Azure Virtual WAN (wide-area network) which will significantly increase the security of Microsoft cloud services.

Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that provides optimized and automated branch-to-branch connectivity through Azure. Virtual WAN lets you connect and configure branch devices to communicate with Azure. Which can be done either manually or by using preferred provider devices through a Virtual WAN partner. Using preferred provider devices allows you ease of use, simplification of connectivity, and configuration management. The Azure Virtual WAN built-in dashboard provides instant troubleshooting insights that can help save you time and gives you an easy way to view large-scale Site-to-Site connectivity.

It provides mechanisms to connect traditional customer routers on-premises as well as an expanding ecosystem of new Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) systems from Microsoft partners. It also enables customers to construct a hub and spoke network in Azure to more efficiently route traffic to virtual appliances such as firewalls and Azure network security services.

Virtual WAN provides a better networking experience by taking advantage of Microsoft’s global network. Traffic from your branches enters Microsoft’s network at the Microsoft edge site closest to a given branch office. Microsoft has over 130 edge sites or Points of Presence (PoPs). Once your traffic is in the Microsoft global network, it terminates in a virtual hub. An Azure Virtual WAN is composed of multiple virtual hubs. You can create your hubs in different Azure regions. Azure has more global regions than any other public cloud provider bringing your virtual hubs close to your branches around the world.

Virtual WAN offers the following advantages:

  • Integrated connectivity solutions in the hub and spoke:Automate Site-to-Site configuration and connectivity between on-premises sites and an Azure hub from a variety of sources, including Virtual WAN partner solutions.
  • Automated spoke setup and configuration:Connect your virtual networks and workloads to the Azure hub seamlessly.
  • Intuitive troubleshooting:You can see the end-to-end flow within Azure and use this information to take required actions.

Lumen21 Compliant Cloud computing space utilizes the Azure Virtual WAN configuration for its clients to help achieve the compliant requirements for HITRUST, PCI DSS and NIST cybersecurity frameworks.

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Lumen21 recently completed 4th external HITRUST Audit along with external audit of SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II audit. Lumen21 does not outsource any of the compliance and management work as it is core to what we do. We have an in-house audit, compliance, and management teams that we ensure compliance with our policies and procedures, including our facilities and employees. The lumen21 workforce is mandated to take refresher compliance, privacy, and security training annually to make sure they are updated on the latest changes in the industry and regulations. Lumen21 tracks all changes via IT ticketing systems, including any changes to the environment with stringent change management policies. All activities are auditable and have just in time (JIT) access to all systems which are approved by Sr. Management to make sure no undue access is provided to the systems.