What is Kubernetes and why would you use it?

Containerization application is an OS-level virtualization method used to deploy and run distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine (VM) for each app. Kubernetes is open-source software designed to run and coordinate containerized applications across multiple devices. Created and developed by Google engineers, Kubernetes is the software behind Google’s cloud services.

It can manage both applications and services by utilizing services that provide predictability and scalability. As a user of Kubernetes, you can control the way the apps run, how much or how little to scale services, quickly update your systems, test different features of your system, and more. This innovative software provides interfaces that give you the ability to manage and customize your application so that they run the way you want them to run.

If you are still not convinced about Kubernetes, let’s look further into the benefits of Kubernetes software:

  • Velocity:
    With Kubernetes, you can update and deploy new applications even faster without having to worry about the downtime that comes with pushing the latest update. Gone are the times when you had to wait until user traffic was low so that you could update your application. Kubernetes allows you to push updates while maintaining a high-speed service for your users.
  • Scalability:
    As the product grows, you have to scale both your software and teams working on it. Kubernetes achieves scalability by supporting decoupled architectures. A decoupled design allows you to adjust the size of a particular service without having to modify other types of services.
  • Efficiency:
    Kubernetes allows multiple applications to run in parallel without any impact on the other apps. Leads to fewer machines to be used to store applications, and thus helps to reduce the hardware costs.



Kubernetes was built to revolutionize change in the way applications are developed and deployed in the cloud by making it more fast, efficient and affordable.

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