How to protect yourself from VPNFilter Botnet Malware

Recently, a VPNFilter botnet which was built by Russian cyberspies infected over 500,000 routers and was finally taken down a few weeks ago by the FBI. VPNFilter malware is a complex piece of malware that infects older personal and commercial routers. They are capable of eavesdropping on traffic passing through routers especially tracking login information and other confidential credentials.

Unlike other malware it has numerous features that make sure it stays on your router including surviving a reboot and being remotely updated. Security researchers have analyzed this malware and have found out it can wipe firmware, inspect local traffic, and much more.

Now for many people thinking they are safe from one of the most advanced pieces of malware, security researchers from JASK and GreyNoise Intelligence detected that the same threat in newer routers. The same threat that was in the first version of the VPNFilter botnet was beginning to find ways to compromise new routers and build a new VPNFilter botnet. According to new analysis by Cisco Talos, these VPNFilter’s are now manipulating everything around the compromised device including being able to modify bank account balances so that it looks normal to the individual but in reality, the attackers are siphoning money out of the account.

How to Avoid VPNFilter Botnet Malware

  • Reset your router to its factory settings: You need to make sure you are not just rebooting your router since this type of malware is capable of staying embedded within your router. Resetting your router wipes out all the data on your router and ensures no malware is hiding within the system waiting to look through your data.
  • Update your Router’s Firmware: Updating your router ensures that the manufacturer’s last security patch is on your router making it more secure than before.
  • Get a New Router: If your router is not working properly, your Internet Service Provider might send you a new one for free as long as you claim that your router is not functioning correctly.
  • Download Repulsa: Repulsa is an IP address/web filtering solution that filters and blocks any malware and malicious IP addresses. It filters through incoming and outgoing data to make sure that the only people having access to your information is people you trust. Working outside the firewall, Repulsa acts first to make sure that any malware cannot even attempt to reach your system so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are safe from any malware.


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