Cambridge Analytica harvested private data from the Facebook users’ profiles — How you can protect your data on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites. Based in California, it was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates. Since its creation, as of 4thquarter 2017, the popular social media site has grown to have2.2 billion monthly active users.

Here are some astonishing facts you might not have known about Facebook:

  • 50% of Facebook users are using the site daily
  • 70% of Facebook users live outside the U.S.
  • Monthly time spent on Facebook is about 8.3 billion hours
  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world

Knowing all these statistics, it was a considerable shock when Facebook and London based firm Cambridge Analytica were accused of harvesting user’s data.

As reported in The New York Times, on March 17, 2018,Cambridge Analytica harvested private information from more than 50 million Facebook users without their permission, making it one of the most significant data leaks in social network’s history. The breach allowed the company to exploit the private social media activity of a vast swath of the American electorate, developing techniques that underpinned its work on President Trump’s campaign in 2016.

The risk of companies gaining access to your data has always been an issue. In today’s day and age, we knowingly give up some of our privacy to use free services like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., but how can we be assured that our data is being kept in good hands? The need for private data security has never been greater, and with the help of Lumen21’s Compliance and Security Services, you can have a sense of mind knowing that despite agreeing to those terms and services agreements, your data will be secured.

Lumen21’s Compliance and Security Services follow standards set forth by HIPAA HITRUST, PCI DSS, GLBA, FFIEC, FISMA, NERC CIP, and others. Additionally, Lumen21 delivers comprehensive enterprise-wide security assessment, design, and deployment services to help you build practical security solutions.

In the case of Facebook, on Monday, April 9th, they began alerting the affected users that their private information may have been part of batch of data harvested by Cambridge Analytica. The company also plans to put a link at the top of every Facebook users’ News Feed to help them understand which third-party apps have their data. That alert will also include whether or not the user’s data was part of the set obtained by Cambridge Analytica.

Unfortunately, other companies that have your data will probably not be as transparent as Facebook, using your data for their benefit and without you knowing. That is why having data security is a must in today’s day and age and with using Lumen21’s Compliance and Security Services you can finally have a peace of mind knowing your data is secure.