Starting a conversation in Skype for Business

By Tustin Pawar

How to start a conversation in Skype for Business

Skype for Business offers great flexibility for communicating with your office colleagues. A conversation with a colleague could start as an instant message that turns into a phone call, or a video call, or a web conference where you can easily share your desktop screens. You can also start a conversation between just two people, which can then turn into a full meeting with the whole team.

Here’s an example of a typical Skype for Business conversation.


I need to ask or update my friend, Penny, about something. I look at Skype for Business, as it’s always visible. I see Penny’s status is “yellow” and her status is away for 11 hours. “Okay,” I think. “Penny is in Central time, so she’s not online yet.” I grab a coffee and check Facebook. I see Penny’s status change to green, but I am not going to pounce right away. I give her a few minutes so she doesn’t know I’ve been waiting for her to get online. Again, back to the physical office, it’s like me waiting for her to get into her desk and settle in before I stand in her doorway.

I open an IM window with Penny, “Good morning.” We IM back and forth for a little and as the conversation gets deeper and more detailed, we decide that typing is not efficient any longer.

RING! We open a Skype for Business call. I use my headset and Penny uses her Polycom USB desk phone. But, the conversation gets deeper and more involved. So, we decide to get on a video call using our integrated desktop cameras.

“Hi, Penny. You straightened your hair. It looks great.”

But the problem we are tackling is bigger and more involved now, so Penny and I decide we need Lynda to help us out.

“G’morning, Lynda!”

And because Lynda always has something good to add (she’s a smart cookie, that one), I open the recording manager and record the meeting. Now, everything we say and do will be available for my review and notes for later.

Good news! Lynda has the answer we’re looking for. She shares her screen as the presenter and shows Penny and me a spreadsheet with all the answers to what we were discussing. Brilliant! Lynda drags and drops the file she showed on her screen into the Skype for Business chat with the data that answered our question. Penny and I both download the file from Skype for Business. Now that’s efficient!

“I think we covered it. Have a great day everybody.”

We end the call. Cameras shut off and I go back to listening to Pandora.