Is Managed Office 365 good for business?

By Sushma Chowta


Let’s first look at the facts, the Office 365 roadmap (as of April 5, 2017):
Previously Released Features: 525
Launched: 143
Rolling Out: 64
In Development: 165
Canceled: 9

Microsoft Guidance

Microsoft has taken a great deal of time and put a tremendous amount of resources into developing the management interface for Office 365. Microsoft designed this interface for everyday users with the idea being that it does not take an IT expert to manage Office 365. The main Office 365 management interface is a website you navigate to with your favorite web browser. (

Myth or Fact

One common myth amongst the people is that once they move to the cloud, they no longer need to maintain it because Microsoft takes care of most of the administrative tasks. This is definitely a myth and is not true since you are still in control of all the administrative features of the funcationality, that is available to you, to configure the environment.

Let’s look at the facts once more – with 525 previously released features, 143 newly launched, and 64 rolling out, Microsoft’s role is to provide the latest features/functions versus your role which is to manage it. In regulated industries, it’s even more important to understand these changes to the product and how to enable/disable and configure these changes appropriately to make sure it meets your audit requirements. Maintaining and managing cloud-based products and services are equally important. So, the fact of the matter is even when you are in Office 365 environment it needs to be managed with enhanced skillsets. You cannot leave it to Microsoft to do the work for you.

Here are Five reasons for a Managed Office 365 environment.

  1. Speed to Value

The real value of Office 365 is not only in the monetary gain but how the users have adopted to the new Office 365 environment. With Managed Office 365 solution this can be taken care by providing a smooth user experience within the organization.

  1. Skill Gaps

To manage something as vast as Office 365, it takes expertise to do it right. From the applications to desktops, everything needs to be configured right to get the precise result for the services that you are consuming from Office 365.

  1. Getting it right first. Moreover, after.

It is important for an organization to manage and customize the services right. If it is done right in the first place, then it will become easier for maintaining it. However, doing it right the first time cannot be just considered as a job well done, but an ongoing management task.

  1. Small things add up

It is important to take care of the little things to get the most out of the best, even little things such as application configuration for users can lead up to enhanced the overall experience.

  1. People costs

If the company is moving to Office 365, they should also be ready to invest in resources which will help in maintaining the cloud services. This will help maintain and keep the security of your organization’s information.

Compliant Office 365 Plus Managed Services

Lumen21 will configure and monitor the necessary controls to meet your industry’s regulatory standards. Office 365 Enterprise Compliance Support also provides continuous comparison and monitoring of your organization’s activities against all standard industry regulatory requirements, and your own organization’s policies and procedures, to keep your environment in compliance.

  • Lumen21’s HIPAA HITRUST compliant template
  • Lumen21’s PCI DSS 3.2 compliant template
  • Lumen21’s NIST Cybersecurity template

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