Antivirus Detection Rates Have Declined

Antivirus is no longer the only ammo for IT. As technology evolves, so does the threat landscape. With the new year, a new threat landscape has emerged that puts your employees as the “first line of defense”: the human firewall.

As part of Lumen21, Inc., which started in 2007, we have since been focused on emerging threats and helping our customers educate their employees on the ongoing security challenges that face us on a regular basis. It is our responsibility to help our clients be aware of these emerging threats, to help protect themselves and their employees from critical business impacts. Virus Bulletin (VB) is a security information portal, testing and certification body with a formidable reputation for providing users with independent intelligence about the latest developments in the global threat landscape. Continue reading Antivirus Detection Rates Have Declined

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Using Office 365 for Communication and Collaboration?

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PhishPro is Lumen21’s jointly-developed plug in for Office 365 that is designed to help Office 365 users fend off phishing attacks, as well as conduct training exercises within their organization in a friendly, controlled way.

PhishPro is comprised of three components:

  1. PhishPro Tracker – Track the types of phishing emails are coming into your organization from outside and evaluate where vulnerabilities exist in the organization. The PhishPro Tracker is available to end users to report emails that are suspected to be phishing emails. After an email is reported to be a phishing email, the tool will delete the email from the end user’s inbox and send it to the PhishPro evaluation environment for further analysis.
  2. PhishPro Campaign – Use the results from the PhishPro Tracker to determine what types of phishing awareness campaigns to perform throughout the organization and what types of training is required for end users. The phishing simulation of the PhishPro Campaign lets end users experience phishing emails, allowing them to associate the training with an actual event. After seeing different variations of phishing emails and receiving targeted training, end users can better understand the risk and become more security-conscious. Run a one-time campaign or a series of campaigns and set a campaign schedule that’s appropriate for the organization’s needs.
  3. PhishPro Dashboard – The PhishPro Dashboard provides real time feedback on susceptible end users and comprehensive reporting on individual user actions. The Dashboard helps identify potential active phishing threats by correlating the information of the user-reported emails, analyzing common trends, and originating hosts. The PhishPro Dashboard also allows end users to get details of their user profile, showing the amount of correct reporting of emails generated by campaigns, real phishing emails reported, and mandatory trainings completed or missing.

The PhishPro service is governed by executed compliance and confidentiality agreements, including a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for healthcare industries.


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Lumen21 at HIMSS17

The HIMSS conference provides a great opportunity, in one place, to get a good view of the medical industry and learn about how IT is serving that industry. Few industries have the transformation opportunity that Healthcare has in how medical practice gets delivered and the overall patient experience. Microsoft Corporation is taking a very active role in this digital transformation that the Healthcare industry is dealing with, be it the computing platform that leverages the cloud, software products that allow for visibility and analysis of medical information, and assisting the surrounding eco system of software companies that provide medical applications, to help deliver medical treatment and the overall patient engagement process. Continue reading Lumen21 at HIMSS17